ActiveBatch 6.0 Updated with Support for z/OS Jobs

Job scheduler expands convenience, value for enterprise processing tasks and platforms

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc., a system software solutions provider for Windows, UNIX, Linux, and OpenVMS systems, has released ActiveBatch Version 6, Update 2 for the enterprise-class job scheduling software. Among the improvements is a new ActiveBatch Job Step included in the ActiveBatch Job Library for submitting, executing, and monitoring the output of jobs in IBM z/OS systems.

“Update 2, while not a major new iteration of ActiveBatch, will be of real value to enterprises running non-Windows systems, especially z/OS,” said Jim Manias, vice president of marketing and sales for Advanced Systems Concepts in a prepared statement. “Our goal is to always provide seamless operation for ActiveBatch, regardless of the number or type of systems found in a particular enterprise environment. ActiveBatch Version 6 -- Update 2 is a valuable step forward in realizing that goal.”

The new z/OS Job Step support in the update lets users include mainframe systems and Windows, UNIX, Linux, and OpenVMS platforms in job schedules. The new Job Step, AbatMainframeJob, executes jobs under the JES (Job Entry Subsystem) component of z/OS. The company says that within JES, jobs can be submitted, initiated, and monitored for completion status. z/OS jobs can trigger (or be triggered by) jobs on other platforms. At the end of a job, its spooled output can be captured and written to the corresponding ActiveBatch job’s log file.

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