Coradiant’s New TrueSight AIM Automates Web Application Troubleshooting

Automated Incident Manager automatically detects, prioritizes Web problems

Coradiant, Inc. released TrueSight AIMTM (Automated Incident Management) that detects and localizes Web problems. Using Event Clustering Technology, the program uses proprietary algorithms to distinguish important issues from Web traffic noise and prioritizes problems by user and business value and categories each by type, duration, severity, and user impact.

Baselines are updated in real time, and problems are detected and prioritized in real time. Graphical representations show the time, severity, user impact, and source of the problems needing attention.

"TrueSight AIM quickly helps us find issues that may hurt the online customer experience. TrueSight AIM automatically alerts us to issues and tells us the severity of the impact," said Brian Thompson, Web operations manager, Moxie Interactive, in a statement. "Automated problem detection, and the detailed drill-down that Coradiant provides shows us exactly what online customers are experiencing, and guides us to potential problems so we can take immediate action to fix it."

Coradiant says TrueSight AIM is “a major innovation in the rapidly growing product category of End-User Experience Management, a key cornerstone for any organization that implements Application Performance Management (APM).” It provides detailed knowledge of every individual Web visit.

According to Ali Hedayati, senior vice president at Coradiant, “Even on very well-run sites, incidents that affect customers are common due to the high level of complexity of Web applications. TrueSight AIM is the first product that provides automatic alerts of the most important Web problems that are impacting web users and businesses.”

The program is a turnkey hardware solution that the company says can be implemented in a few hours.

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