Updated Clearwell E-Discovery Platform Helps Enterprises Accelerate Early Case Assessments, Lower Processing Costs

Tool can also help reduce review workload and gain control of e-discovery process

Clearwell Systems, Inc. has released version 3.0 of its Clearwell E-Discovery Platform that enables legal, compliance, information security, forensics, and IT teams to seamlessly manage all legal, regulatory, and investigative matters using a single application.

The company says the product can be fully operational in under 25 minutes and “provides users with immediate visibility into case facts, significantly accelerating early case analysis. Clearwell’s advanced searching, culling, and filtering capabilities enable enterprises to quickly eliminate irrelevant documents, false positives, and privileged information, lowering processing costs and reducing review workload.”

The product’s case-management and reporting monitor progress in real-time and integrates with litigation support databases for production.

Among the new features in this release:

  • Distributed, 64-bit, case-based architecture that scales so enterprise users can simultaneously manage all legal matters with a single application, with case-specific dashboards, security, auditing and reporting.

  • Dynamic processing provides flexibility to “deduplicate” across the entire case data set (versus just custodian) to reduce analysis and review workload; every document reference is tracked and users can “unduplicate” by custodian when exporting data %%Intelligent searching and culling enables rapid and iterative filtering by custodian, domain, organization, group, internal or external communication, and file type, allowing users to hide irrelevant documents and false positives across the entire case dataset containing millions of documents, and are not limited to a small subset

There is also expanded support for data sources and support for over 400 document types, including multiple versions of Lotus Notes NSF, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft PST, Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF, plus spreadsheet and presentation formats.

More information is available at http://www.clearwellsystems.com

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