InforSense Visualization Solutions Reduce Information Delivery Complexity

VisualSense and Document Explorer simplify information delivery

InforSense Ltd. introduced two new Web-based solutions for the company’s analytics platform. InforSense VisualSense and Document Explorer help users navigate through large volumes of complex data. VisualSense provides advanced interactive visualization and reporting capabilities so users can spot trends and deviations and detect data quality issues. With Document Explorer, users can navigate through unstructured content found in documents, news feeds, blogs, and other sources.

According to Yike Guo, InforSense CEO and founder, "InforSense is the first to embed real time analytics into everyday applications and business processes. Our platform has been specifically designed to be agile, providing the ability to integrate all types of data and analytics from a wide variety of sources, predictive with its best of breed data mining and text mining capabilities and highly visual interactive Web-based tools. This combination enables customers to quickly and easily analyze information, significantly reducing time to decision."

According to the company, VisualSense lets users save selections of data points in a data "Shopping Basket" and use them for new analyses without having to export the data to Excel. Because it’s a Web application, the server-based rendering of VisualSense charts removes the need for browser-based plug-ins for the interactive visualizations. Data acquisition, integration, transformation, and analysis are handled by the InforSense Workflow Engine and delivered with VisualSense.

Document Explorer is an online, browser-based interface for interactively searching and viewing unstructured content in documents in any format, including plain text, Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, XML, and RSS feeds. It also allows users to combine analysis of unstructured and structured data in a single interface.

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