Paragent 3.0 Improves Network Management

Update adds automatic software and inventory collection, remote desktop management, advanced search

Paragent, LLC today released Paragent 3.0. The updated desktop management software adds automatic software and inventory collection, advanced search, and remote desktop functionality, allowing IT professionals to monitor, control, audit and, enforce policies about use of network information.

The new release adds an agent-based technology so IT administrators can collect a software and hardware inventory lists automatically. The desktop management software includes integrated search throughout the application, and thanks to new remote desktop management functionality, administration can take place any where, giving users the ability to access a remote computer and fix critical issues and run diagnostics or maintenance programs, or guide a user through a complex task.

“We have found that many companies don’t have the resources to hire a full-time IT administrator to look after their networks,” said Timothy Ritchey, CEO and CTO of Paragent. “Our latest version enables anyone, from the company CEO to the administrative assistant, to take control of the company network, without the need to dedicate much time and resources to maintain it. Whether users are trying to fix a problem or uninstall software, Paragent makes it easier and more efficient.”

The company says that no training is needed to use Paragent 3.0, which can be installed in minutes. Designed to give IT administrators real-time information on their computing environment quickly, the program does not require special servers or reconfiguration of existing computer infrastructure.

Paragent also provides proactive alerting and a ticketing system to keep administrators informed before an issue escalates into a problem. IT administrators are notified of computing events based on their pre-selected alerts.

More information, including a 30-day trial sign-up, can be found at

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