StillSecure Launches Line of NAC Appliances

Enables easier use of NAC

StillSecure today released a new line of Safe Access appliances for NAC customers. The new line (the SA 100, SA 200, and SA 300 families) support several network architectures. Each appliance family comes in three configurations: a standalone Management Server (MS), a standalone Enforcement Server (ES), and a combination MS and ES (“combo box”).

New features and functionality in Safe Access appliances include the new “Deep Check” functionality that uses PE COFF (Portable Executable Common Object File Format) to intelligently inspect data, improving the granularity and accuracy of testing. Safe Access can search for specific data within a file, helping to reduce the occurrence of false positives while maintaining the speed and accuracy of tests.

“NAC is tied deeply into the networking and security infrastructure so NAC solutions must be flexible enough to work in a variety of environments,” said Alan Shimel, chief strategy officer at StillSecure, in a statement. “The new appliance options as well as added functionality for endpoint testing and enforcement, make Safe Access easier to implement, delivering value to the user even faster than before.”

Safe Access also includes a DHCP plug-in to allows implementing DHCP enforcement without requiring Safe Access to be inline, helping larger companies limit the number of enforcement servers required. The product’s generalized post-connect NAC API enables third-party IDS/IPS solutions and NBAD products to integrate with Safe Access in their products. With SMB signing, Safe Access provides an additional layer of security for agentless testing. More information is available at

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