SGI’s Virtualized Storage Migration Solution Helps IT Migrate Data Seamlessly

Migration, data services, and storage management moved to the network

SGI has released its Virtualized Storage Migration Solution, giving IT the ability to migrate data to the storage device of their choice to improve data utilization and without disrupting applications or operations.

“Although market forces have put an end to the era of proprietary computing platforms, many storage vendors attempt to lock their customers into a single storage platform, drastically limiting choice and inevitably increasing cost of ownership,” said Ravi Pendekanti , senior director, worldwide solutions marketing at SGI in a statement. “Now organizations can move their data to any new storage device without impacting operations, and without risking the integrity of their enterprise data.”

The solution moves migration, advanced data services, and storage management onto storage area networks (SANs), leveraging LSI StoreAge’s management software to centralize management of the SANs; it allows users to migrate data by indicating a source volume and a destination storage pool. With Rollback, IT administrators can recover from any migration. Users can specify how much of their environment to migrate, which can save on up-front costs of large-scale, Tier 1 storage platforms. Users do not have to integrate all devices at once to the VSM environment. Administrators can place data on a selected storage platform, and as the data ages, it can be automatically migrated from more expensive Tier 1 storage to less costly storage media. Services including replication, mirroring, disaster recovery, and rapid application recovery are provided and can be centrally managed using the SAN-based LSI StoreAge software. More information is available at

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