iWay Software Releases Managed File Transfer

Eases multi-enterprise integration

Information Builders' iWay Software has released iWay Managed File Transfer (MFT) Option, a set of extensions to iWay Service Manager, Enterprise Edition that helps an enterprise conduct reliable, scalable, and auditable managed file transfers regardless of size using any of a number of open file transfer protocols.

Enterprises often use separate file movement systems on dedicated (but sometimes outdated) file transfer infrastructures along with their real-time process integration technologies, requiring separate operating environments to be maintained and managed.

iWay MFT:

  • Provides cross-site, multi-enterprise integration infrastructure that can handle large files using several approaches, techniques, and options

  • Can use multiple message formats and formats

  • Supports a variety of enveloping techniques and package formats, “including parsers that split messages, multi-threaded message execution, aggregators, and non-XML message processing options,” the company says

  • Includes security, auditing, and management infrastructure while handling file transfer idiosyncrasies

  • Uses adapters that extends existing protocols from their original intent (file transfer only) to include advanced functions needed for secure, managed transport of messages for cross-domain integration

"By expanding the capabilities of our integration server to support the unique requirements of multi-enterprise integration and managed file transfer, iWay helps organizations minimize their technology infrastructure while tightening real-time integration" said John Senor, president of iWay Software, in a statement. "Our flexible, secure eBusiness message-based integration engine makes it faster and easier than ever before to embrace multi-enterprise opportunities across vendors, customers, and partners."

More information is available at http://www.iwaysoftware.com.

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