Netuitive Adds CMDB Support to Service Analyzer

Adds intelligence layer to CMDBs with automation, self-learning performance management technology

Netuitive Inc. is helping companies implementing Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) maximize their ROI by augmenting Configuration Item (CI) data to its Netuitive Service Analyzer for end-to-end IT performance management.

For companies interesting in adopting the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) are deploying a CMDB to support best practices in IT service management, but if they lack performance analytics, a CMDB can only be leveraged for change and asset management. To maximize CMDB deployments for ITIL, an enterprise must learn and understand the performance dependencies between CIs to identify the root cause of any degradation of service levels.

"Analytics will become one of the most crucial, applicable, and enabling technologies driving the success of CMDB-based initiatives," said Dennis Drogseth, vice president at industry analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates, in a statement from Netuitive.

"Real-time, self-learning analytics technology brings a much needed layer of intelligence to the CMDB system in order to focus on only the most critical CI attributes in service management -- especially in the data rich areas of performance and business impact analysis. Netuitive is helping lead the way with its self-learning performance management software."

Netuitive automatically discovers the correlations and performance dependencies between CIs; it provides a dashboard of service health. The software can identify the CI impacting overall service performance. Existing CMDB service definitions can be imported into Netuitive Service Analyzer; new CI information can be dynamically loaded into the service model using Netuitive's new CMDB Auto-Sync functionality.

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