Netrics Delivers Data-Matching Web Services

Streamlines integration, synchronization of business-critical data

Netrics has released Netrics Data Matching Platform Version 4.0 that can match data across disparate sources using a Web services interface based on the SOAP industry standard.

Real-time data integration across applications requires labor-intensive coding to ensure that information is linked across disparate databases, and such manual integration introduces inaccuracies, variations, and inconsistencies into the data.

The Netrics Data Matching Platform helps create accurate, adaptive, and scalable data by matching using Web services interfaces, allowing users to load records and connect IT applications without having to write additional code. Little or no customization is needed.

“For businesses that rely on data quality and integration in order to drive revenue, data matching becomes vitally important when working across multiple applications,” said Anne Marie Berger, managing partner, ForeFront, Inc. “Integrating the Netrics Data Matching Platform into our solutions ensures that any variation in our customers’ data becomes a non-issue. The new Web services functionality that has been built into Version 4.0 will provide yet another way for users to manage and synchronize their data efficiently and effectively – allowing data to become the business asset that it is meant to be, rather than a roadblock to profitability.”

The latest release of the Netrics Data Matching Platform also includes the following key features:

  • Industry-standard interfaces, including native .NET, Java, Python, and C/C++

  • Automatic, real-time data loading and synchronization

  • Information Theory Scoring provides an innovative mathematical way to score matches

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