OpTier’s CoreFirst Extends Visibility into Transactions in Virtual Environments

Business transaction management solution provides business visibility into virtualized environments

OpTier has extended transaction visibility provided by its CoreFirst software to virtual environments, helping organizations manage their mission-critical applications.

Visibility into the data center is obscured in a virtualized environment. “While virtualization is a valuable tool for maximizing the efficiency of IT resources, the layer of abstraction it introduces can make it difficult to ensure that service delivery requirements are met,” said Dan Yachin, research director at IDC EMEA Emerging Technologies, in an OpTier statement. “The visibility that OpTier’s BTM [Business Transaction Management] software provides can help address this challenge by assuring IT managers that all applications are running smoothly and that business-critical applications are receiving the resources they need to run properly.”

CoreFirst’s update offers:

  • Cost and performance improvements help IT understand the relationship between the configuration of their virtual environment and their service levels enabled by virtualization

  • An enhanced user experience without the problems that can occur when one application consumes more resources within virtualized environments; organizations can monitor critical business transactions and identify, isolate, and resolve contention issues as they occur and before they negatively impact users

  • Improved flexibility and granular, cross-tier visibility so IT managers can meet service levels

More information is available at http://www.optier.com.

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