Confio Releases Performance Intelligence Product

Tool analyzes database performance based on the "wait-time" of each operation

Confio Software this week released Performance Intelligence, a product that measures and analyzes database performance based on "wait-time data."

Alongside Performance Intelligence, Confio also announced that a new version of its Igniter Suite PI, as well as that suite's first product -- Ignite for SQL Server -- are now available.

According to a company press release, Igniter Suite PI uses Performance Intelligence's database analysis capabilities in an "open, multi-vendor, agentless monitoring solution" that works with SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and DB2 databases.

Unlike other tools that measure database performance by counting hit ratios and operations, Performance Intelligence analyzes performance by measuring each operation's wait-time. This data can better help administrators determine the order in which they address problems.

Besides its wait-time-based analysis, Confio emphasized three other key strengths in the Performance Intelligence solution: it analyzes how data changes over time, it uses BI techniques to analyze database performance, and it captures data in a more detailed way.

"By harnessing the fine-grained data about specific sources of delay that the Confio Igniter Suite captures in a multi-dimensional data warehouse, we now have the foundation for detailed trend analysis and event correlation to expose the true conditions impacting IT end users," said Confio chief operating officer Don Bergal in the press release.

More information about the Performance Intelligence and Igniter Suite PI can be found at

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