Version 8.0 of BridgeTrak Available

Latest version is product's update first since 2007 acquisition

Version 8.0 of ScriptLogic's BridgeTrak help-desk product is available this week. It's the product's first update since ScriptLogic's 2007 acquisition of Kemma Software, the company that developed BridgeTrak.

The latest version of the product features "greatly expanded" customization capabilities, including a new dashboard that lets users shift data views as well as windows that give users quick access to important data by letting them "drag and drop" specific fields.

Version 8.0 also includes an optional BridgeMail e-mail module. The BridgeMail module converts help-desk related e-mails into support tickets or autoresponses. The module also comes with an Outlook plug-in that lets users turn Outlook e-mails into support issues by clicking on an icon on their toolbar.

"The introduction of ScriptLogic BridgeTrak brought our customers an efficient way to manage their IT help desk issues," said Nick Cavalancia, ScriptLogic's vice president of Windows management, in a press release. "Version 8.0 enhances this process with many usability and productivity features, more flecible licensing and the first steps toward integration with our desktop management solution, Desktop Authority."

The company says that using BridgeTrak in conjunction with Desktop Authority lets help-desk personnel resolve issues remotely.

BridgeTrak 8.0 is available by itself (prices range from $995 to $4,995 for five technicians) or as part of ScriptLogic's Incident Management Solution, which includes Desktop Authority (pricing starts at $5,620 for five technicians). More information can be found at

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