SeaNet Releases SeaView RTM 3.0

Latest release offers more support for financial institutions

SeaNet Technologies released this week SeaView RTM 3.0, a solution for measuring application performance.

According to the company, this release was designed with financial institutions in mind, promising real-time reporting on response times and one-way latency with an accuracy of about "20 microseconds."

Such accuracy, according to SeaNet co-founder and chief technology officer Bernie Davidovics, is key for financial firms.

"Customers from within the enterprise and financial services industry are impacted by sporadic failures in application performance which can result in significant financial losses," Davidovics said in a press release. "Microseconds matter and our enhanced software delivers complete end-to-end visibility and accurate measurement across any application or protocol, the prerequisites to reducing latency and improving service levels or customer experience."

The new release features "Multi-Tier Message Aggregation," which the company said links together "seemingly disassociated data" to form a "logical end-to-end, seamless transaction."

According to the company, the SeaView RTM 3.0 supports a variety of industry protocols, including NYSE, ARCA and FIX. It can also support "custom protocols," the company said.

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