Special Operations Launches Self-Service Password Reset Product

Tool lets users reset passwords and unlock AD accounts online

Special Operations Software has debuted its Specops Password Reset product, a self-service password resetting tool for Active Directory.

The Specops Password Reset tool was designed to give Active Directory users the ability to reset their passwords and unlock their own accounts through a Web interface, cutting down on calls to the help desk, the company said.

"Research shows that password reset-related issues comprise up to 40 percent of help desk calls," said Special Operations Software CEO Robert Lundh in a press release. "When calculating the time and cost of a password reset operation and how many of these password resets an organization handles in one year, a password reset self-service solution ... is a no-brainer to cost justify."

Specops Password Reset uses two methods to verify users: mobile verification and secret questions (users are encouraged to use both methods for maximum security). For mobile verification, users are issued a code via a text message sent to their cell phone; the user can reset their account by typing this code into the Password Reset Web interface. To use the secret questions feature, users can enroll to the "Password Reset Service" where they are prompted to answer questions that will be used to verify their identity. Help desk administrators can also view users' information, as well as reset passwords, via the Web interface.

Visit http://www.specopssoft.com/products/password_reset_self_service for more information.

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