ArcMail Updates Its E-Mail Archiving Product

Defender U3160 has a capacity of 16 terabytes, compared the previous version's 12

ArcMail Technology on June 2 released the ArcMail Defender U3160, a new version of its e-mail archiving and storage solution for medium and large businesses.

The ArcMail Defender U3160 has a storage capacity of 16 terabytes; that's 4 more terabytes than the previous U3120 version, the company said in a press release. Using the journaling function in the mail server, the product "captures all inbound, outbound and internal e-mail[s]," then indexes them based on headers and text.

Users can launch the product through a Web-based console or directly from Outlook. It allows them to search for and restore e-mails, generate reports tracking e-mail archiving, and control system settings. It also features "data integrity encryption technology" to prevent data from being altered.

"Defender delivers more storage and more power to allow much larger organizations to capitalize on ArcMail's proven technology delivered through an easy-to-use, easy-to-install, and easy-to-manage appliance," said ArcMail CEO Todd Gates in a prepared statement. "We are committed to helping organizations maintain the important data that is held in e-mail communications."

The ArcMail Defender U3160 works on Linux and supports Active Directory, Exchange, Groupwise and Lotus Notes, among other mail servers. For a limited time, ArcMail is offering U3160 for the same price as the U3120 edition. Go to for more information.

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