PostPath Releases Version 2 of High-Availability Server Solution

New features include support for VMware and Red Hat

PostPath this week released version 2 of the PostPath Server High Availability (HA) Edition, a collaboration and e-mail server designed to be a low-cost alternative to Exchange.

The PostPath Server HA protects against service interruptions caused by system failures by incorporating both a "primary" PostPath e-mail server and a "redundant" server that takes its place in the event of a failure.

New features in version 2 include increased support for BlackBerry, Outlook, and ActiveSync, as well as support for VMware and Red Hat environments. The added VMware support would let users migrate virtual machines and move virtual machine files with limited downtime.

Users also now have the option of choosing between hot or cold failover, onsite or offsite redundancy, shared or replicated storage, and synchronous or asynchronous replication.

Other enhancements include improvements to configuration and manageability.

"As the e-mail user base grows within an organization, a high-availability e-mail server solution moves from a 'nice to have' into an absolute imperative. The expense of e-mail downtime is extraordinary and can immediately impact a company's bottom line," said PostPath CEO Duncan Greatwood in a company statement. "The [latest release] provides a simple, compelling and cost-efficient reason for SMBs in aparticular to implement high-availability while avoiding the risks, costs and uncertainty associated with attempts to implement HA using Microsoft Exchange."

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