Tripwire Releases ConfigCheck for ESX 3.0

Company also offering a remediation guide for both ESX 3.0 and 3.5

This week, Tripwire released ConfigCheck for VMware ESX 3.0. ConfigCheck is the company's free tool for analyzing a hypervisor's configuration settings to help users identify potential configuration problems and take preventive steps.

ConfigCheck compares a VMware ESX hypervisor's configuration to VMware's guidelines for hardening security. If it spots potential problems caused by the configuration, the tool will "provide remediation instructions," according to the company in a press release.

ConfigCheck has had "tens of thousands of visitors and downloads in the past month," the company said. According to a prepared statement by Mark Gaydos, Tripwire's vice president of marketing, the product's popularity is indicative of "the market need for solutions that address the knowledge and skills gap in managing virtual infrastructure."

He added, "With this latest release, we leverage the best practices of VMware's hardening security guidelines for 3.5 and 3.0.x environments, increasing the overall value of the utility."

Tripwire is also offering a remediation guide for returning ESX 3.0 and 3.5 hosts to a "known, secure state," the company said. To download ConfigCheck or access the Tripwire Remediation Guide, go to

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