Varonis Releases DatAdvantage 3.7

Latest release supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5

Varonis Systems Inc. has released version 3.7 of DatAdvantage, a tool to help companies audit user access to their file system data. This latest version supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5.

Varonis recently sponsored a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute that suggests companies are largely unable to manage the access to their unstructured data. DatAdvantage was designed to remedy this by automatically giving recommendations of how to delegate access rights to this data "without involving the IT department," the company said.

According to the company, DatAdvantage gives users a "single, unified view of unstructured data" throughout their enterprise. This lets companies know who is able to access and use their file system data, as well as those users whose ability to access that data should be revoked.

"Unstructured data on Linux file systems is business-critical and faces the same challenges as data on Windows and UNIX file systems," said Yaki Faitelson, chief executive officer and Varonis co-founder, in a prepared statement. "As organizations continue to deploy Linux in the data center, a data governance framework that continuously monitors data access is essential to ensure that only those employees with a legitimate need have access to key business assets, preventing sensitive corporate information from winding up in the wrong hands."

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