Imperva Adds Web Activity Monitoring to SecureSphere

New capabilities allow real-time security monitoring of production applications

Imperva announced that its SecureSphere Web Application Firewall product now includes "comprehensive Web Activity Monitoring" capabilities that automate the process of discovering vulnerabilities in production systems.

According to the company, with the addition of Web Activity Monitoring, SecureSphere is able to detect malicious application responses and inputs as they occur. This directs development teams to coding flaws that must be corrected and provides real-time insight into possible security flaws in production applications.

SecureSphere with Web Activity Monitoring sends out alerts when it detects unfamiliar attack patterns, potential code flaws, and otherwise suspicious activity. It also lets users know which parts of their applications handle sensitive, personal data (such as credit card and Social Security numbers), and provides reports that profile specific applications' characteristics.

"Historically, Web Application Firewalls have focused on reducing threats to online applications, while code review and vulnerability scanning technologies have focused on discovering vulnerabilities," said Imperva CTO Amichai Shulman in a prepared statement. "With Web Activity Monitoring, SecureSphere closes this gap by blocking malicious inputs and capturing detailed information on how applications respond to live queries, which allows developers to fix code-level security holes."

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