Software AG Extends Application Modernization Suite

Discovery Edition helps companies analyze code from existing applications for reuse

Software AG recently extended its webMethods Application Modernization Suite with the Discovery Edition, designed to "unlock" applications and let developers gain deeper insight into their code.

According to the company, the Discovery Edition was designed for companies undergoing application modernization projects. Such projects are often stymied by the presence of old code in the company's software -- code with which the current developers may not be familiar.

To that end, the Discovery Edition automates the application discovery and code analysis process. It records existing code bases -- including Visual Basic, COBOL, and Java -- to let developers determine possible deficiencies in the software and prepare code for reuse.

The Discovery Edition features an application analysis tool that catalogs an applications code and creates reports, as well as a "Modernization Workbench" that serves as a central knowledge base for managing software artifacts. The product also includes an "Application Architect," a module for removing non-usable code, as well as a tool for managing business rules.

"While application modernization can deliver very significant ROI, the perceived risk associated with disrupting often decades-old code limits adoption," said Software AG's Joe Gentry, chief technology officer of the company's Enterprise Transaction Systems department, in a prepared statement. "The Discovery Edition helps to eliminate these concerns by providing developers with the knowledge and insight required to proceed confidently with application modernizations projects."

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