Frontrange Solutions Adds USB Protection to Windows Vista Systems

DeviceWall 5.0 protects data access for devices with local or wireless connections

FrontRange Solutions has released DeviceWall 5.0; the product now offers control of USB ports and data encryption capabilities to systems running Microsoft Windows Vista.

DeviceWall provides a Control Center for creating and distributing security policies the control user access to USB-connected portable storage devices across its network. It can protect against unauthorized PC data transfer to or from removable media devices, including USB sticks or flash drives, PDAs, and media players. It protects devices whether they use a local or wireless connection.

The program can automatically protects data copied to authorized storage devices using Blowfish and AES 256-bit encryption.

Administrators can manage individual device types and the product provides device usage reports. For example, DeviceWall shows the actions of all users and administrators, including individual device connections and lists the most popular files accessed on portable devices. The company says that the product can produce an audit trail of all administrator actions to help an enterprise remain compliant with security management policies.

A 500-seat network costs $21.60 per PC. Additional information, including a 30-day free trial, is available at

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