Tripwire Enterprise 7.5V Gives Visibility, Offers Control of Virtualized Environments

Helps IT avoid virtual sprawl and prevent security vulnerabilities from configuration errors

Tripwire, Inc. has updated its flagship Tripwire Enterprise 7.5V to help IT better manage systems to meet internal or external policies from a single point. Proper configuration of virtualized environments is critical for security, as well as to satisfy compliance requirements and maximize performance.

With Tripwire Enterprise 7.5V, IT can:

  • Identify and mitigate virtual sprawl. The product gives IT early warnings when it discovers new or deleted virtual servers found automatically. Discovery of unmonitored virtual objects is critical to managing a virtual environment, the company says.

  • View settings from VMware Virtual Center. Tripwire Enterprise automatically sees everything with the virtual environment and knows which elements in their virtual infrastructure meet configuration standards and which don’t. The program can monitor VMware ESX 3.0, 3.5, and 3i hypervisors as well as virtual switches and virtual machine containers. It also can track virtual machine workloads.

  • Select predefined policies for VMware environments. Tripwire supports “VMware ESX DISA STIG; the VMware ESX 3.5 Hardening Guide V2; CIS; and PCI,” the company said in a statement. IT can view all current configuration settings as well as changes to any virtual infrastructure objects. Users can also apply their own policies using the software.

  • View remediation advice for all changes that are contrary to an established policy. The message includes detailed remediation guidance so users can “return any system to a known, compliant state.”

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