PERFMAN 7.2 Released

Features include VMware sprawl report and virtualization planning tool

PERFMAN announced at this week's VMworld conference that it has released version 7.2 of its PERFMAN virtualization management product.

The latest release features a new Virtualization Planning Tool (VPT) that helps users determine which of their physical servers and applications would be ideal for virtualization.

VPT also lets users create a model to approximate the virtual environment's performance, as well as to predict their system's performance after it takes on new workloads, or if the existing workload were transferred to different hardware.

Version 7.2 also features a VMware sprawl reporting tool that helps users analyze virtual machine proliferation in their enterprise. It shows the rate of virtual machine growth for each ESX Server, as well as generates reports on inactive virtual machines.

Other features include improvements to LPAR modeling, consolidated views of a company's virtual environment, and "highly scalable visibility."

"To realize the full benefit of virtualization technology, organizations must continually monitor and adjust their virtual environments for optimal performance," said PERFMAN CEO Lance Roncalli in a prepared statement. "PERFMAN provides complete virtualization lifecycle management, beginning with discover, selection and modeling, and continuing with capacity and performance monitoring and management."

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