Embarcadero Releases Change Manager 5.0

Latest version comes in four editions, features improved e-mail notification and schema compare functionality

Embarcadero Technologies announced at this week's Oracle OpenWorld conference the release of Change Manager 5.0, touting it as a "groundbreaking version" of the company's change management tool.

According to Embarcadero, Change Manager 5.0 is the only such product that "provides deep-cross DBMS support from a single user interface, across all three areas of database change management: schema, data, and configuration."

Change Manager lets users monitor and record the configuration settings of their database, across multiple database instances, which can be useful for maintaining compliance with federal and company standards. The latest release features greater functionality for schema and data compares, configuration auditing, and synchronization.

Additional features include separate Ultimate, Professional, Standard, and Personal editions; a variety of reporting formats including PDF, HTML, and XML; improvements to e-mail notification; and an updated command-line interface.

"Embarcadero Change Manager 5.0 does for database change management what software source control does for software change management," said Michael Swindell, Embarcadero's vice president of products, in a prepared statement. "It provides streamlined database change communication and integration at a deep level to help DBAs and developers increase productivity and avoid costly issues."

Pricing for Change Manager 5.0 starts at $400. For more information, go to http://www.embarcadero.com/products/changemanager/index.html.

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