Tidal Releases Enterprise Scheduler Adapter for VMware

Users can schedule and manage jobs for virtual environments with a single interface

Tidal Software has released Enterprise Scheduler Adapter for VMware, a job scheduling tool for those working within a VMware infrastructure.

Enterprise Scheduler Adapter lets administrator manage and view all the jobs in their environment through a single interface. Users can also view data on performance and schedules, giving them a quick indication of their environment's health. The product also integrates enterprise schedules with VMware ESX hosts, letting users "define VMware jobs in the contect of end-to-end business processes," the company said in a press release.

All told, the company said, this promotes quicker and more informed decision-making when it comes to troubleshooting and maintenance.

In a prepared statement, Wayne Greene, Tidal's VP of product management, said that Enterprise Scheduler Adapter "allows administrators to bring VMware scheduling into the enterprise scheduling framework through a straightforward process. VMware users have a unified view of their entire schedule regardless of the changing environment. Tidal's affordable solution helps reduce infrastructure and software costs through optimization of virtual resources and increased administrative efficiency."

Enterprise Scheduler Adapter for VMware features the ability to schedule ESX snapshot, power and configuration actions via the scheduler itself; the ability to trigger actions based on ESX's performance and power metrics; and the ability to automate workloads through Virtual Center integration.

For more information, go to http://www.tidalsoftware.com.

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