MEGA Ties Application Design and Business Requirements

Provides IT system design environment, enables impact analysis

MEGA has released MEGA System Blueprint, a software tool that links application design and business requirements and, the vendor says, is particularly useful for developing “highly complex applications, very large IT projects, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions.”

According to MEGA, many application design solutions (including integrated development environments and methodologies based on unified modeling language don’t make the connection between design and requirements.

MEGA System Blueprint takes a model-driven approach to application analysis and design, and integrates “the modeling disciplines of EA, business process modeling, and object oriented analysis and design (OOAD).”

Users can define any specification, including those for SOA projects; System Blueprint can be employed during requirements analysis, to create functional specifications, and as part of system design. Application design metadata can be stored with business process information in a shared, central repository.

Terence Lee, vice president of operations for North America, told Enterprise Strategies, “Today, when organizations are gathering software specifications, the most commonly used tools are Visio, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and the like. They capture requirements in Excel, they write specifications in Word, they draw pictures in PowerPoint. The problem with that approach and those tools is that you cannot do impact analysis unless you print all this material out and take all your diagrams and put them on the wall and review them with all the members of your team. You need to see how many impacts there are when you change a requirement, and this approach doesn’t let you do that. We offer a shared repository so you can do impact analysis and reporting.”

The product is integrated with Microsoft’s Visual Studio line, and the company plans to add Eclipse integration in the first quarter of next year.

MEGA System Blueprint is now available, priced from $4,000. More information is available at

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