GemStone Releases GemFire Enterprise 5.7

Latest release promises to improve data retrieval performance by 50 to 100 percent

GemStone Systems recently made available GemFire Enterprise 5.7, the latest version of its data retrieval product.

According to the company, GemFire Enterprise 5.7 was designed to provide users with "simplified server discovery and automatic load balancing," ensuring that response time and connectivity are not affected by the clients' load. The latest release includes a server discovery service that constantly monitors the client loads on each server, and then directs clients to the server with the smallest load.

The latest version promises to improve data retrieval performance for "portioned data across distributed systems" by between 50 and 100 percent.

Version 5.7 of the product also features the improved GFMon monitoring tool which now includes customizable data charts and chart templates, the ability to overflow data to the disk system when the storage capacity hits its limit, increases resiliency, and server grouping.

"Data has been growing at an exponential rate for some time, and with virtualization and cloud computing coming into play, it's like adding fule to the fire," said GemStone Chief Architect Jags Ramnarayan in a prepared statement. "GemFire Enterpruise 5.7...raises the bar for delivering simple, scalable and resilient data fabric for our customers to cope with such data deluge."

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