Software AG Updates webMethods Application Modernization Suite

Both SOA and Web editions help companies take greater advantage of their existing assets

Software AG has released a new version of its webMethods Application Modernization Suite, with features in both the SOA Edition and Web Edition that promise to help companies get more out of their existing assets (including legacy user interfaces -- the famous "green screen" interface -- and COBOL applications), the company said.

Specifically, the new release will let companies make better use of their mainframe assets, have better integration between different development platforms, and use more efficient Web services protocols.

The latest version of the suite features "unified development support," letting developers move back and forth between development platforms. It also features "mainframe integration support," which lets companies uses their existing mainframe environments to accommodate a wider range of capabilities.

The company also describes the suite as "lightweight," meaning it places a smaller burden on a system's resources.

"Whatever issues customers were dealing with in the first part of 2008, they are now laser-focused on maintaining a steady course and staying competitive in the face of extraordinary economic uncertainty," said Joe Gentry, CTO of Enterprise Transaction Systems at Software AG, in a prepared statement. "The webMethods Application Modernization Suite addresses this challenge squarely by helping customers derive maximum value and achieve optimum cost savings from the assets they already own and depend on day-to-day.

"At the same time, customers will be laying the essential groundwork to support their inevitable move toward service- and process-oriented architectures."

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