Napera Networks Integrates Firewall with VPN

Wired, wireless network access support for remote users and small offices

Napera Networks has updated the security functions in its Napera N24 network access control product. An enterprise no longer must deploy multiple security appliances to remain secure thanks to the built-in “firewall, DHCP server, and remote access VPN” the company says. The company has also enhanced its cloud management service. In a statement, Napera said its customers “can now use a single product to control access and enforce identity for all users, whether they are working remotely or on the local area network, across wired and wireless environments.”

The combination of the Napera N24 appliance and the management service are built for smaller enterprises. Napera protects the health of Windows and Macintosh systems, provides identity enforcement, and allows for guest access, all in one product. Napera uses Microsoft’s Network Access Protection technology to make deployment and administration easy. The service offers real-time visibility, reporting, and logging; no local server is needed.

Other new features include:

  • Remote Access VPN helps remote users with VPN tunneling using Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP); Napera supports PPTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol) that is part of Microsoft Windows and is also available for Linux and Mac OS X. The company plans to support other VPN protocols later.

  • Edge security is built in; this includes “a built-in, stateful Internet firewall and DHCP server, providing essential security functions in a single solution managed through,” the company said, eliminating the need for additional firewall appliances or servers in remote or small office environments.

  • Enhanced cloud management by including a Multiple Administrator Log-on feature so IT teams can share management duties and track changes to configurations (automatic online backup and recovery of the appliance configuration is provided with a snapshot feature).

The solution is available now. More information is available at

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