eEye Releases SaaS-Based Network Security Solution

Retina OnDemand lets companies view their network data and assess their security risks from the Internet

eEye Digital Security recently released Retina OnDemand, a SaaS-based network security service.

Retina OnDemand includes several of eEye's network security products: the Iris Network Traffic Analyzer, the Retina Network Security Scanner, and the Blink Professional Host-based Intrusion Prevention solution. Together, these components of Retina OnDemand help prevent network exploits and data loss by "analyzing specific pieces of operating systems, applications, and policies" for possible security risks, the company said in a press release. It then proposes a plan to mitigate these risks.

To view and manage their network data, users can log in to "REM," Retina OnDemand's Web-based console. There, users can scan their network, create reports, and more.

Because it is a hosted solution, Retina OnDemand frees companies from the need to buy additional hardware or schedule a lengthy deployment process, the company said. The product is also ideal for companies that want to deploy a network security solution across multiple offices.

"With Retina OnDemand, we have created a technology that can be plugged into any environment and managed via the Internet for a hands-free approach to vulnerability management and regulatory compliance," said Morey Haber, eEye's vice president of business development, in a prepared statement. "This is a valuable service since many organizations add security only as an afterthought -- when the risk of making front-page news or violating regulatory compliance requirements interrupts business operations."

Retina OnDemand can be purchased on a yearly subscription basis. For more information, go to

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