Zyrion Traverse Released

Business service management solution is designed for mid-market enterprises

Zyrion recently debuted its Zyrion Traverse, a business service management (BSM) product geared toward mid-market enterprises.

The two key components of the Zyrion Traverse are the Business Service Containers and its Service Level Manager. The Business Service Containers let users generate network views that correspond to their specific roles. They can also gather real-time status information on specific services, and receive alerts if certain services fail.

The Service Level Manager helps companies manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs). For instance, it monitors SLA compliance in real time and displays information on a dashboard. It can take into account "time of day and weekend schedules" in its analysis of SLA compliance. Because of the product's "flexible reporting framework," users can generate several SLA reports.

"Zyrion's mission is to deliver a mid-market BSM solution which offers network and application monitoring and relates it to the impact on IT services," said Zyrion CEO and Founder Vikas Aggarwal in a prepared statement. "Our innovative Business Container and Service Level Manager modules enable organizations to align IT with the needs of the business by providing IT information that is relevant to managing the day-to-day operations of the business."

He added, "Zyrion allows the IT team to go beyond just identifying which router or server is down, since our solution also identifies the affected IT services and the impact on the business."

Pricing for the Zyrion Traverse begins at $50,000 (average price is $90,000). For more information, and to participate in a free 30-day trial, go to http://www.zyrion.com.

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