Updated Diskeeper 2009 Defrags Faster, Even on Disks with Little Free Space

InvisiTasking updated to keep program from interrupting foreground or operating system processing

Diskeeper Corporation has released Diskeeper 2009 which the company says includes the “the fastest and most thorough defrag engines ever built.”

In recognition of the growth of desktop data, the company has updated Diskeeper Pro Premier with Terabyte Volume Engine technology which the company claims can “rapidly eliminate tens of thousands to millions of fragments on drives from 60GB on up.”

Diskeeper Professional also includes I-FAAST 2.0 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology) which improves drive performance by 10 to 80 percent for the files most commonly accessed -- performance gains that are in addition to the improved speed realized from file defragmentation.

Another new feature, the Free Space Defrag Engines, allows defragmentation on disk volumes with as little as 1 percent free space and improves the accelerate speed of save and write operations.

As with previous versions, Diskeeper uses InvisiTasking technology that supports real-time operations. The technology, which prevents a background process from interfering with foreground processing or operation system activity, consolidates files faster on busy systems. It lets systems allocate resources such as CPU and memory separately based on what each process needs so use of resources can overlap, eliminating system overhead.

In addition, Diskeeper 2009 integrates with Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM). This lets users monitor and manage networked systems. Diskeeper adds alerts and reports to MOM/SCOM and lets users work with poduct settings and configurations.

Diskeeper 2009 Professional sells for $59.95; Diskeeper 2009 Pro Premier is available for $99.95. The company offers a free 30-day trial. Additional information can be found at http://www.diskeeper.com

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James E. Powell is the former editorial director of Enterprise Strategies (esj.com).

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