Xangati Releases Application Management 2.0

Application monitoring solution uses Web 2.0 technologies to give companies better visibility into their network's applications

Xangati has released Application Management 2.0, a solution that uses Web 2.0 technology to bring users greater visibility into their applications, according to the company.

Application Management 2.0 uses user-generated content, collaboration and streaming "video views" to create well-rounded views of a network's applications -- what the company calls "360-degree situational awareness." Application Manager lets users zoom in on a specific network component and then "pivot" around it, showing the component's relationship to other applications.

It also features the "Visual Trouble Ticket," essentially a streaming recording of a problematic application's behavior that can then be shared with IT. The same streaming video technology can be applied to non-problematic applications for monitoring purposes; for instance, users can record an application's activity after installation or upgrade to show how it affects the rest of the network.

Other features include customizable data views that let users bookmark the applications or resources that are most relevant to their roles, as well as improved collaboration capabilities.

"IT, application, and support organizations need to understand the cost of IT/infrastructure versus the payout received from workplace productivity," according to a statement from Forrester vice president and principal analyst Jean-Pierre Garbani in Xangati's release. "Xangati provides businesses with a clear view of both the value and the negative impacts of networked applications on productivity, infrastructure, and resources.

Pricing for Application Management 2.0 starts at $21,000. For more information, visit http://www.xangati.com/.

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