SoftwareLabs Releases xFusion Studio 4.0

Latest release features increased support for SAP tools

SoftwareLabs Inc. last week made available xFusion Studio 4.0. The latest version features improved SAP data connectors. It has also been recently certified for SAP integration.

xFusion Studio 4.0 includes a variety of what the company calls "business process packs" designed to increase the business value of a company's opearations. For instance, the "Insight Packs" let users create snapshots of business data from their SAP applications and either send them to a Web site or convert them into a specific file format, such as Excel.

Also available are "data quality packs," designed to improve SAP data quality by pinpointing missing, incorrect or duplicated data; and "acceleration packs," which lets users "bulk-upload" data into their SAP applications.

Other features in xFusion Studio 4.0 include new data validation and verification rules, the ability for companies to designate SQL Server for intermediate data storage, and -- for xFusion Mobile Solution users -- increased scalability so companies with mobile users can process larger data loads.

"Our mobile solution has been well-received and is a good example of adapting to changing customer requirements," said Software Labs CEO Pradeep Tapadiya in a prepared statement. "This new version of xFusion Studio brings the enhancements that mid-size and large enterprises require, and helps them to increases productivity by having timely access to information in the right format from any location."

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