SpamTitan Unveils the SpamTitan Cluster Management

Improves e-mail security for small and medium sized enterprises

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SpamTitan, an e-mail security solutions vendor, has released SpamTitan CMC, a cluster management configuration (CMC) for superior e-mail security solutions targeted at small and medium sized enterprises.

SpamTitan CMC, configured to allow the clustering of multiple nodes for both redundancy and to increase total system capacity, provides enhanced monitoring and autonomic failover capabilities. It ensures data is always available, even in the event that a node is turned off or unavailable for any reason. The cluster can be managed through a single interface by the administrator proving centralized reporting and end user digests for all e-mail activity.

For centralized management, SpamTitan CMC allows the customer to have complete control over their configuration and policy across the cluster and the ability to share the “load” across all cluster nodes so that administrators can change policy or access any message received across the cluster from any individual node. The cluster can be managed through a single interface by the administrator, allowing the administrator to attain centralized reporting and end user digests.

For remote locations, SpamTitan CMC can span geographies to facilitate redundancy across sites.

SpamTitan CMC ensures the optimum use of resources and avoids queues building up on any one appliance through loadbalancing using MX records or any third-party IP load balancer. Customers no longer have to worry about extending their resources such as sending too much mail to one appliance.

The SpamTitan CMC is priced for small and medium sized enterprises. A 50-user license and the SpamTitan CMC for 2 nodes is priced at $775. Existing customers with a 100-user license (priced at $550) pay only $275 for a 100-user SpamTitan CMC.

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