Data Domain Boosts Price/Performance Leadership in Midrange

New DD660 System Offers 50 Percent Boost to Speed, Capacity

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Data Domain, Inc., a provider of deduplication storage systems, announced the new DD660, a quad-core processor based system that provides up to 50 percent improvement in price/performance and a 50 percent larger base system capacity compared to its dual-core predecessor. Like all Data Domain systems, the new DD660 leverages the power of the Data Domain SISLTM (Stream Informed Segment Layout) scaling architecture to dramatically increase throughput performance. Data Domain systems continue to ride the price performance wave of multi-core processor architectures and avoid dependency on oversized storage subsystems for throughput. In addition, the company is now supporting 1TB disk drives, both in the base model DD660 and in all expansion shelves for both the DD660 and DD690.

The new DD660 midrange system offers up to 2 TB/hour of aggregate inline deduplication throughput and up to 700 GB/hour for a single stream. It supports up to 36 TB of raw capacity, or with 20x-50x data reduction, from 520TB to 1.3PB of logical capacity. The base model includes 12 TB of disk in a 2U rack mount chassis. Overall, the DD660 delivers major price/ performance improvements to backup and recovery processes and more capacity for extended online retention.

Like all Data Domain systems, the new DD660 system is simple to install and flexible enough to implement into existing user environments without disruption. Data Domain systems offer broad application support on any storage fabric (NFS, CIFS, and NetBackup OpenStorage over 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet and/or VTL over 4Gb Fibre Channel). Users can deploy Data Domain systems for:

  • Backup and WAN-based disaster recovery (DR)

  • As a secondary storage tier to offload infrequently accessed data from tier 1 storage

  • For archiving applications, such as long term retention of enterprise data for reference, litigation support, and regulatory compliance

Orchid Cellmark, a leading provider of DNA testing services for the human identity and agriculture markets, has been a Data Domain customer for more than two years. The IT organization tested the new DD660 system using copies of its production backup data sets and compared the results to its DD560 appliance.

The DD660 is available immediately. For more information about Data Domain deduplication storage systems, please visit

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