MX-Sync Releases New Outlook/Exchange-to-SQL Synchronization Utility

Works with standard Outlook or Exchange folders (both public and private)

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ExchangeWise today announced the release of MX-Sync, an Outlook utility that synchronizes data bi-directionally between standard Outlook or Exchange folders (both private and public) and a Microsoft SQL Server database. MX-Sync turns Outlook into a great information management tool through database connectivity. The product allows synchronization of data between:

  • A user's personal folders in Outlook or Exchange Server (inbox, sent items, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.) and a set of SQL Server tables from any SQL off-the-shelf or custom-developed system

  • A set of Exchange Server public folders and an equivalent set of SQL Server tables

  • A user's personal folders in Exchange Server (inbox, sent items, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.) and a set of Exchange Server public folders that is typically used as a common shared contact management system or other application

  • Multiple Outlook or Exchange Server mailbox folders, where, for example, sharing of personal contacts amongst users is required.

MX-Sync can be used if:

  • You want to share contacts in your Outlook Personal Contacts folders with other users

  • You want your customer base in a SQL CRM or accounting system synchronized to Outlook so that your client contact details would be available in Outlook cached mode (i.e., offline), and/or automatically synchronized to your Windows Mobile, Blackberry or other smart phone/PDA device

  • You are updating Outlook public folder information which must be constantly synchronized back to a SQL database or want to use standard Outlook Personal folders (contacts, inbox, calendar, tasks, etc.) to interact with data that is stored in a SQL Server back-end ERP, accounting or web database system

  • You have a Web site SQL database where customers are registering, logging on, etc. that must be kept in sync with an Outlook/Exchange contacts folder used for profiling these customers in more detail and e-mailing them information relating to requests logged on the Web site

  • You want to keep Outlook companies and contacts folders synchronized with a SQL Server-based ERP or accounting system such as Great Plains, so that again the sales and marketing personnel can be made aware of accounting information about their customers directly from within Outlook as well as easily interact with these customers using standard Outlook functionality

MX-Sync runs under Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 2003/2008 Server. For more information on MX-Sync please visit

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