Double-Take Software Announces Workload Optimization Suite

IT managers can migrate, backup, and protect physical and virtual IT workloads

Managing IT workloads includes working with hardware, applications, the operating systems they run on, and the data they work with. To help IT manage its business continuity challenges, Double-Take Software has released a new suite, Workload Optimization, that helps IT meet workload portability, backup, and availability needs. The suite is made up of four components: Double-Take Move, Double-Take Flex, Double-Take Backup, and Double-Take Availability, all of which include new features and licensing options.

Workload portability is provided by Double-Take Move, which moves workloads between any physical and virtual hardware in any direction (P2V or V2P, for example); IT can use it to perform hardware refreshes, migrations, and consolidations. It can migrate workloads with real-time replication while users are online and supports P2V and V2V auto provisioning (Hyper-V/ESX) and works across storage architectures (it can migrate data between dissimilar SANs or iSCSI appliances or from DAS to SAN or iSCSI). The component is available now and is licensed per use ($495/server) or per site.

Workload flexibility is the focus of Double-Take Flex, which helps IT manage a workload by booting that workload directly from iSCSI SANs, regardless of the hardware in use. This version offers improved client status monitoring and an interface to Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and Virtual Disk Service (VDS). Available now, new pricing for the module includes $2995 for the management server with clients priced at $395/server and desktop clients at $95/server.

Workload availability comes from Double-Take Availability, which uses “real-time replication and failover that can protect individual applications, entire servers, or virtualized workloads running on VMware ESX or Microsoft Hyper-V,” according to the company. It will be available later this year.

Workload backup is handled by Double-Take Backup, which continuously backs up workloads and can perform recovery when needed to a new physical or a new virtual machine. It can handle all data or item-level recovery. It will be released later this year.

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