Pano Logic Adds Remote Access to Virtual Desktop Solution

Pano Remote integrates with new Pano System 2.6 to provide secure access to Pano virtual desktops with USB key

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Pano Logic has added to its product line with Pano Remote and an update to its flagship product, Pano System 2.6. With the easy-to-carry Pano Remote USB key, users can now access their Pano-managed virtual desktops conveniently and securely when working out of the office away from their Pano devices without requiring a costly or complex VPN solution.

New features of Pano System 2.6 include integration with Pano Remote, easier installation of the Pano Manager virtual appliance using the Open Virtualization Format (OVF), a new interface (called the Collection Creation Wizard) for easier configuration of policies for provisioning and managing desktop virtual machines, the ability for administrators to control virtual desktop power state directly from the Pano Manager administrator console, graphic identification and authorization (GINA) application interoperability, and standalone VMware ESXi support for small single-server deployments.

Pano Remote

Pano Remote allows users of Pano System 2.6 to access their Pano desktop virtual machine from a remote location over the Internet. Delivered as a USB key with embedded software, Pano Remote will run on any Windows XP or Vista computer and does not require the use of VPN software or hardware. It relies instead on a communication mechanism bundled with Pano Remote called Pano Gateway. The Pano session may use local printers, local storage drives and a shared clipboard between the local Windows system and the remote virtual desktop. In addition, the administrator can set policies within the Pano Manager that centrally control which capabilities are enabled.

Pano System 2.6

New features improve ease of deployment and interoperability:

  • Pano Collection Creation Wizard allows administrators to more easily configure desktop virtual machines by including context sensitive help topics for administrators to find relevant information easily and quickly, and offering administrators more flexibility in defining how automatically provisioned desktop virtual machines are named by Pano Manager.

  • Streamlined Installation of Pano Manager delivers Pano Manager as a virtual appliance in the Open Virtualization Format (OVF), enabling it to easily be imported into VMware Infrastructure in a one-click operation. Additionally, the Pano Manager virtual machine has been optimized for size, speed of download and simplicity of configuration, making the solution the easiest way to get started with desktop virtualization.

  • Standalone VMware ESXi support provides easy installation of Pano System 2.6 for small deployments, enabling configuration with a single instance of ESXi without requiring VMware vCenter. This option provides an easy entry-level solution for small businesses with a convenient upgrade path as needs grow.

  • GINA module interoperability with specific applications that install their own GINA modules, simplifying installation and upgrades of Pano Desktop Services on systems that also have authentication solutions such as Imprivata OneSign and Ensure Technologies XyLoc installed.

Additional features include administrative control over the desktop virtual machine power state, device-based control over display and mouse/keyboard settings, tighter integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory Group Policy Objects when installing updates, and improved responsiveness.

Availability and Pricing

Pano System 2.6 is available now; pricing starts at $329 for a single Pano desktop and $35 per USB key for Pano Remote. For more information, contact 1-650-454-8953 or visit

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