MEGA Releases Powerful New Version of Enterprise Architecture Solution

Enhances business process improvement, IT planning, and enterprise architecture management

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MEGA, an enterprise architecture (EA) and business process analysis (BPA) solution vendor, released its 2009 edition of MEGA Modeling Suite, an EA solution that helps businesses cut operational costs, rationalize limited assets, and support innovation. It includes business process optimization, IT road-mapping and planning, as well as IT systems design and data modeling.

The major emphasis is on EA management, with a new version of MEGA IT Planning, which helps enterprises build and compare effective in-depth scenarios for IT system transformation. Using IT master plans, MEGA IT Planning enables what-if analysis for accurate forecasts of the effects of change within the IT environment. The software includes a customizable library of EA management-oriented, predefined dashboards to support decision-making. As a result, enterprises can better synchronize IT investments with business strategy.

To support business architecture initiatives and identify areas for cost reductions, the new version of the suite offers MEGA Process BPMN. This new module supports the latest version of the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), the recognized industry standard developed by the Object Management Group (OMG) for business process descriptions. In addition to the notation, MEGA Process BPMN provides value-added decision support through process mapping and analysis capabilities. Process owners, business and IT architects can take advantage of the common notation of BPMN to simplify communication, and accelerate their business process optimization initiatives.

The new version of the Suite includes new capabilities driven by customer needs, and extends its use in the defense and security industry, with the MEGA Suite for DoDAF.

In addition, new platform administration features are provided to integrate the platform with authentication systems, and offer support for repository storage in Oracle or MS SQL Server database management systems. A new Web Editor is included to extend real-time access to the enterprise repository by enabling access via a role-based Web front-end. Easily deployed, it enriches the MEGA Advisor Web portal with real-time write capability and allows occasional, mobile users and stakeholders to access self-explanatory reports and dashboards, and work collaboratively.

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