SSI Forum Changes Aid Server Growth into HPC, Blades, Cloud Computing

Will help members cut R&D and validation costs

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The Server Systems Infrastructure Forum (SSI), a non-profit organization focused on providing form factor and design specifications of modular computing systems to the developer community, has extended its scope and introduced new capabilities for the organization and has been reformed as an independent industry consortium. SSI has a long history of supplying server component and board specifications. Since 1999, SSI has delivered over 45 industry specifications to enable more than 125 companies to deliver standards-based systems. The expanded scope of the organization includes the funding, industry engagement, and programs needed to address new server board form factors and the growing modular computer market. New capabilities are also provided such as compliance and interoperability programs to support broader industry innovation based on interoperable industry standard systems.

SSI chair Jim Ryan said, “The server market is transforming at a rapid pace to meet demands of segments like HPC and Cloud Computing. SSI’s focus on enabling rapid innovation of modular enterprise computing platforms will allow its members to deliver innovative products to market more quickly based on a foundation of reliable, interoperable platform standards.”

SSI also announced that it has established formal working groups to focus on specification delivery, compliance and interoperability programs, and standards marketing. These new workgroups will be supported by member dues and will begin work immediately to delivery compliance and interoperability support to current generation products and begin to develop targets for next generation component and system specifications. Workgroups are open to member participation and will help ensure broad adoption of the SSI specifications and confidence in deployment of SSI based enterprise solutions.

The organization enables massive opportunity for enterprise compute platform development with a potential of delivering $1B or greater industry savings for the server market over the next decade achieved through open specifications that drastically reduced R&D and validation costs while enabling system re-use generation after generation.

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