Tolly Tool Eases RFP Process for IT Equipment and Software Acquisition

Offer IT buyers proven, unbiased framework for assessing performance, features, and power consumption of IT products

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Tolly Common RFP LLC has released Tolly Common RFP, a set of best practices guides that offer IT buyers a proven, unbiased framework for assessing the performance, features, and power consumption of IT products.

Tolly Common RFPs help users shorten the time required to build RFP documents, provide internal staff with proven, ready-made test methodologies used to compare products, and enable buyers to evaluate products with accuracy and aiding in creation of a "short list" of top prospects, saving both end users and technology vendors time and money.

"IT staffs today have their backs against the wall with shrinking budgets, overtaxed staffs, and high user demands," said Kevin Tolly, founder of the Tolly companies. "Tolly Common RFP enables IT staffs to become instant experts on a given technology, understand the salient characteristics they need to examine to compare products, and provide them with leading-edge test methodologies to benchmark and assess products."

Vendors can pre-qualify their products to prospective buyers using the Common RFP test methodologies to demonstrate product performance and capabilities based upon an independent, third-party set of test methodologies. Vendors can even engage Tolly personnel to audit benchmark tests and certify product performance according to Tolly standards.

Tolly Common RFP documents are designed to:

  • Shorten the time needed to build RFP documents
  • Educate staff to become "instant experts" on IT product evaluation
  • Reduce or eliminate time spent developing RFP evaluation test plans
  • Benchmark product performance to devise purchasing short lists
  • Shorten or eliminate the time you spend educating your team about product technology features
  • Reduce the time and resources needed for the product evaluation cycle
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience of a leading IT testing company to make your evaluations quicker and more comprehensive
  • Build upon an unbiased framework to assess technology offerings

The Tolly Common RFPs were built on input from leading technology vendors, end users, and from Tolly's 20 years of experience in evaluating existing and emerging technologies. To date, the RFP documents cover LAN switch power consumption, application switches, virtual server performance, VoIP system power consumption and switch interoperability, and endpoint security performance; additional technology topics are planned. The RFP guides are updated continuously as new information and revised methodologies become available.

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