Nimsoft Releases Low-Cost Business Server Management Tool

IT can see value in hours, not months, company says, and realize a 20 to 30 percent cost savings over current monitoring methods

Nimsoft, Inc.has released BSM Express, adding to the company's monitoring solutions portfolio. According to the company, "BSM Express associates and aggregates performance and availability metrics with specific business objectives so businesses can quickly visualize the health of their services and account for and measure the financial impact that poor performance or downtime have on the organization."

Chris O’Connell, director of product management at Nimsoft, told <em>Enterprise Strategies</em> that BSM Express can help enterprise IT reduce its infrastructure management costs, regain the trust of line-of-business users (in part by relaxing the IT/business-service friction), and choose the IT investments that will yield the highest business return.

Among its features, BSM Express helps IT make real-time decisions by providing what it calls "service health" views of how the IT environment is delivering a service. Nimsoft's dashboards provide interactive views of real-time user, network, and service performance. In addition to this IT-centric view, the program also offers business views "that demonstrate IT's impact on the bottom line," enabling organizations to determine, for example, the business cost if transaction response times grows.

O'Connell says BSM Express can be downloaded from the Web and after installation can examine the environment automatically so the program can begin working within two hours or less, eliminating the need for "weeks or months" of preplanning needed for its competition. Furthermore, its low cost (currently customers pay just $10,000 per year) means a company can see a return on its investment in as little as six months. Combined with the company's Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (at $80,000 a year for new customers), "that means we've offering a complete business service management package for under $100,000." He says BSM Express requires minimal ongoing management.

Express BSM supports heterogeneous environments so customers can centrally manage virtual, physical, and cloud-based elements in its infrastructure. Nimsoft Monitoring Solution monitors networks, servers, databases, and applications and helps manage service levels from a single control point. By adding BSM Express, IT departments can "correlate and aggregate the monitoring data gathered with the predefined metrics demanded by the various lines of business, enabling IT to measure and prioritize the impact that certain events have on the company's bottom line."

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