Tap In Systems Unveils Cloud Management Service

New scalable monitoring service enables companies to respond to needs of increasingly heterogeneous and virtual IT infrastructures

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Tap In Systems, a new cloud-based systems management service company, today announced the company's new Cloud Management Service (CMS), a cloud-based, scalable monitoring service that manages both cloud and on-premises systems, providing status and performance data, alerts, and reporting to keep applications running smoothly.

Tap In's Cloud Management Service is a low-cost systems management solution for managing user's cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Built on an event-management architecture in the Amazon EC2 cloud, the service accommodates growing, merging, consolidating, and otherwise dynamic IT environments. Key features include:

  • Real-time monitoring and alerting of system status, usage and performance of cloud and on-premises systems and applications
  • Reporting and charting of historical events and performance metrics
  • Flexible IT management and operational status displays -- desktop, client, and Web
  • Fast implementation with no hardware required and with minimal configuration

"The cloud's virtual and dynamic environment poses serious challenges for IT monitoring and management," said Peter Loh, founder and CEO of Tap In Systems. "Cloud platform vendors generally only provide limited visibility into system and application performance and existing management tools are not optimized for cloud infrastructures or applications. Tap In's Cloud Management Service addresses these issues and concerns, enabling customers to dynamically monitor changing cloud configurations, all while paying only for what they use. In short, CMS lets users manage their cloud like they manage their datacenter."

Tap In Systems' Cloud Management Service currently provides support for Amazon Web Service (AWS). CMS is deployed as an on-demand service and billed via AWS per instance hour or monthly; customers can turn monitoring instances on and off as needed as well as scale up/down as infrastructure grows. All add-ons (agents, scripts, code samples, extensions, interface modules) are free and/or open source. Support for additional cloud platforms is planned for 2009.

More information is available at www.tapinsystems.com.

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