Dynamic Solutions Releases TapeManager 8

New features enable faster recovery, advanced protection in the data center

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Dynamic Solutions International has released its next-generation software application, TapeManager 8. This release simplifies operations and provides enhanced flexibility and data protection.

DSI's TapeManager 8 software can integrate with virtual tape libraries, automated library systems, and standalone tape drives. As a media management system designed to work exclusively with Unisys MCP- and MCPvm-based hosts, DSI's TapeManager 8 is completely scalable to fit any capacity requirements.

Highlights of TapeManager 8 include:

  • A graphical user interface that provides improved management and greater flexibility
  • Policy management enhancements improve control and provides advanced data protection
  • Multi-host enhancements include multi-time zone networking and database features
  • Reporting capabilities include support for additional reporting items, new formats, and enhanced user reporting (ad hoc)

Freeing IT staff from the hassles of managing data centers, DSI's TapeManager 8 software manages more data with fewer people. Additionally, with advanced protection in virtual tape environments, the software unifies data protection and reduces system downtime. This means faster daily backup and more rapid recovery in possible emergency situations.

For more information about DSI's TapeManager, go to www.dynamicsolutions.com


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