Texas Memory Releases Largest, Fastest SLC Flash-based Solid State Disk

Provides cost-effective application acceleration of up to 24X to handle high transaction volumes, more concurrent users

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Texas Memory Systems is now shipping the RamSan-620, a complete, high-performance, reliable Flash system that delivers up to five terabytes of solid state storage in a single 2U chassis. Applications such as on-line transaction processing, data warehousing, high-performance data acquisition, batch processing, and video editing will benefit from the RamSan-620.

Improvements in Flash technology and pricing are creating demand for a variety of Flash storage solutions. The storage performance needs of increasingly demanding applications and growing numbers of concurrent users are not being met by mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) systems. Although hard disk storage appears less expensive on a per-gigabyte basis, in performance-sensitive production environments it can be far more effective and economical to replace HDD with solid state drives (SSD). Competing Flash SSD offerings from traditional storage suppliers lack density, are massively power hungry (due to oversized storage controllers), and are built on architectures that slow down the underlying Flash media.

The RamSan-620 offers scalable performance and affordable capacity that is both space and power efficient. A single unit offers up to five terabytes of reliable single level cell (SLC) Flash, making the RamSan-620 the highest capacity SLC Flash SSD on the market. This Flash system performance specifications include 250,000 sustained I/Os per second (IOPS) for random reads and random writes. Throughput is 3GB per second and latency comes in at just 80 microseconds for writes, 60 times less than high-performance HDD. The RamSan-620 is a green IT choice, occupying only 2U of rack space and drawing just 325 watts of power. To achieve similar performance, HDD solutions would require as many as 500 drives, occupy 36 disk enclosures requiring almost three racks, consume upwards of 7,000 watts, and cost over half a million dollars (after including enclosures and controllers).

The RamSan-620 is a general-purpose storage solution that can increase performance for applications and users in a shared network storage environment. Each unit can support 2 to 8 Fibre Channel or InfiniBand ports. Installation and management are simple, with embedded management capabilities and clear displays. One or more RamSan-620s can easily be integrated into a mixed storage infrastructure and monitored and managed through a common management framework.

The RamSan-620 is available now from Texas Memory Systems and its partner network. For more information, visit http://www.ramsan.com/products/ramsan-620.htm.

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