AutoMate BPA Server Enhances "No-Code Automation" Across Multiple Machines

Upgrade supports invoking Web services in automation routines

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Network Automation, Inc. has updated AutoMate BPA Server, the client/server multi-machine edition of its drag-and-drop business process automation platform enabling automation of repetitive computing tasks without coding. The upgrade adds support for Web services, enhanced support for Microsoft Exchange, grouping of agent machines to expedite workflow assembly, and more than 25 other new features and actions.

With these new capabilities, users of AutoMate BPA Server can now:

  • Invoke Web Services in automation routines without scripting, making it possible (for example) to automatically extract data on customers fitting a specific profile from and load it into the company’s marketing automation program. The product’s native support for Web services enables tasks to interact with SOAP-based web resources without custom APIs or hard-coded interfaces.

  • Automatically create, modify, or delete Microsoft Outlook objects such as calendar and contact entries based on pre-defined event triggers. This enhancement can be used to automatically schedule service appointments or create a new contact in a company-wide Outlook database whenever a new customer record is added by an individual employee, for example.

  • Build automation workflows for groups of agent machines, eliminating the need to list each machine individually in AutoMate BPA Server’s visual task-building window. This feature both speeds and simplifies workflow assembly for machines that do the same tasks, whether in a single office or multiple offices.

Other new features in AutoMate BPA Server 7.0.8 include support for PGP encryption/decryption of any file for secure data transfer; the ability to send and receive email using SSL authentication for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP; and a variety of enhancements that strengthen the ability to build complex automation sequences without the time and expense of coding.

AutoMate BPA Server allows organizations to quickly and inexpensively design, automatically execute, and manage multiple-machine computing tasks through a combination of pre-programmed automation of hundreds of IT processes and drag-and-drop visual workflow assembly. The BPA Server edition centralizes development and management of the automation network for machines in any location.

The lack of coding enables use by IT personnel without programming capabilities to automate processes such as application integration, job scheduling, FTP transfers, Excel operations, batch processing, report generation, data transformation, database queries, system monitoring, and problem resolution.

AutoMate BPA Server 7.0.8 is available immediately for purchase at for $3,995 (for new customers) and $3,495 (for existing clients who are upgrading).

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