IntelliChief Release 2.5 Enhances Advanced Document Management Features

Improves workflow, document matching, performance reporting, notifications

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Quadrant Software has released version 2.5 of its document management, workflow, and imaging solution, IntelliChief. The update adds capabilities to help companies of all sizes process their documents more efficiently. New features in this release include:

Performance Metrics: From creation or capture until it is distributed or archived, a document is being tracked by IntelliChief. Actions users take (such as approving an invoice or making notes to a purchase order) are recorded and stored in a document activity/history table in the database. Version 2.5 gives users the ability to access such historical information and create their own performance reports, gaining insight into how their documents are being processed. Performance metrics (such as how many invoices have been sent for voucher versus how many are still waiting for approval) can now be used to help businesses manage their operations.

Matching of Workflow Documents: When a document enters the workflow, IntelliChief will verify if other documents are waiting for a match and determine if they can now be routed to their final destination. An invoice that is received, for example, could wait on hold until a receiving document is captured (thus indicating the receipt of materials purchased) before it is routed to A/P.

Enhanced WebForm Usage: IntelliChief's WebForm module allows users to use a Web browser to create and fill out a form. Release 2.5 enhances WebForm so that forms can be re-edited along the way before they are finally approved. A purchase request, for example, can be submitted for approval but be sent back for corrections, which can be done on-the-fly by the user and then be re-submitted without having to re-enter the original data or re-create the form from scratch. When the WebForm is complete, it is stored in the archive as an image document preventing future edits.

Improved Notifications: Documents in Workflow can trigger e-mail notifications to users alerting them of documents pending approvals, time limits being reached, and more. Such notifications can now contain detailed information about the document in question and a direct link to access to such document.

Viewer Improvements for Handling Multiple Documents: IntelliChief's Viewer module allows users to electronically retrieve and view documents on their screens. Users can now display on their screen multiple documents at the same time, thus helping them when information needs to be verified, documents need to be matched, or compared.

Document Attachment Options: When users retrieve documents to view on their screens, oftentimes they will also want to e-mail such documents. IntelliChief's upgrade allows users to define how they want attachments to behave when they are e-mailed. Each document can be sent as a separate attachment or they can be consolidated into one big file making it easier for the recipient to download and review the information.

Hardware and Software Updates: IntelliChief now supports Microsoft Server 2008 and MS SQL 2008. Print Capture Driver (allowing users to capture documents from any PC-based application) now supports 64-bit operational systems such as Microsoft Vista.

Release 2.5 is free of charge to existing IntelliChief customers. More information is available at

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