GemStone Unveils GemFire Enterprise 6.0

Enhances “elastic” data fabric capabilities to support dynamic data provisioning for global, non-disruptive operations

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GemStone Systems has announced the availability of GemFire Enterprise 6.0, incorporating advanced capabilities that let customers dynamically adjust compute resources to meet service demands without interrupting operations. GemStone has worked closely with its global customers and prospects in several industries including capital markets, federal government, banking/mortgage, insurance, and retail to develop enhanced support for the “data elasticity” required to manage dynamically changing workloads across globally dispersed data centers.

Businesses ranging from global enterprises and government agencies to large platform providers and systems integrators require tools that provide unparalleled flexibility in their ability to monitor and manage critical data. GemFire Enterprise 6.0 now features a cluster resource controller that continuously monitors resources in the distributed data fabric. With built-in instrumentation that captures throughput and latency metrics, GemFire enables applications to sense changing performance patterns and proactively provision extra resources and trigger rebalancing of predictable data access throughput and latency without the need to overprovision capacity. Together, the new features combine to offer unprecedented improvements in ease-of-use and manageability of data over a distributed architecture.

Other new features in GemFire Enterprise 6.0 include:

  • Data-aware application behavior routing: Several extensions have been added to the GemFire data-aware function execution service. Applications invoke functions identifying the data dependency and the service parallelizes the execution of the application function on all the grid nodes where the data is being managed. This service offers linear scalability for compute- and data-intensive applications. Simply add more nodes when demand spikes to rebalance data and behavior to increase the overall throughput for the application.
  • API additions for C++, C#: Support for continuous querying, client-side connection pooling and dynamic load balancing and the ability to invoke server-side functions.
  • Cost-based query optimization: Compact indexes and cost-based optimization to the query processor offer higher performance with a smaller memory footprint.
  • Developer productivity: A new graphical Data Browser permits browsing and editing of data across the entire data fabric and execution of ad-hoc queries. It also allows creation of real-time table views that are kept up-to-date through continuous queries. The Data Browser facilitates rapid iterative development.

GemFire Enterprise 6.0 is available now. For more information or to register for a free product demo, visit

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